Nina Magnani

Nina Magnani

Nina received her Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. Her passion for the arts led her to Marywood University where she earned her Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture. Nina has studyed with her mentor, William Spear, renowned author and educator on Eastern design and philosophy. Nina’s diverse background and innate style aids in creating eclectic and sophisticated residential and commercial interiors.

Nina’s design for commercial interior recently received recognition with an award. She has also extended her talents by providing pro bono work to the community, including the Scranton Cultural Center. Her promotional materials, that she conceived and designed for her art installation at the Cultural Center, resulted in an Addy Award for advertising, through collaboration with an advertising agency.

Space LiVts. For Homes. For Lives.

is an idea Nina conceived since she realized the impact an interior space can have on our physical interiors. Space LiVts is an affordable solution to not only design, but to our lives!

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